4 Dental Hygiene Steps For Infants

Team Blog Post

When it comes to your little ones, dental hygiene varies from age to age. While an older child may be able to brush their teeth on their own, your infant depends on you for care to keep their mouth healthy.

Follow these 4 tips for good infant dental hygiene that will instill good habits for years to come!

The Earlier, The Better

Starting early care of your baby’s mouth and tiny teeth can prevent a host of dental problems (including bad breath). As your baby’s teeth start growing in they may feel the discomfort of teething. Using a cold, wet cloth to massage the gums during teething can help ease the pain. When brushing your baby’s tiny pearly whites, use an infant toothbrush with no more than a rice grain size amount of toothpaste.

Start Slow

Infants may find a toothbrush in their mouth a little scary as they can’t understand what is happening. Since babies won’t grasp the idea of brushing and dental care until they get a little older, it’s important to start slowly. Don’t try to brush their teeth for long periods of time. To make your baby more comfortable during the brushing process, brush their teeth in small increments. Gently brush your baby’s tongue as well to remove bacteria to keep that sweet baby’s breath!

Create A Routine

Do your best to make dental care a morning and night time regimen. Having a dental routine let’s your infant know what to expect as it becomes a normal, day to day process. Having a dental care routine will also help them build strong dental care habits and as they get older.

Make It Fun

It’s okay to laugh, play games, and make your child smile during dental care. Make up a song or a rhyme about their toothbrush, it’s up to you and your imagination! This will help them view dental hygiene in a positive light.

For more information on taking care of your infant and starting their dental hygiene routine, contact us. If your child has just gotten their very first tooth or is about to celebrate their first birthday — it’s time for a visit!