5 Must Know Travel Dental Care Tips

Team Blog Post

Have some upcoming vacations planned? We have five dental care tips you should know before you go.

1. Make time for a dental visit.
We know how exciting it is to go on vacation. We also know how much prep work goes into getting the whole family ready to go. While this may not be your first thought, it’s a good idea to schedule a dental visit with us before departure. This way we can look for any possible issues and treat them before you leave.

2. Be prepared for a dental emergency.
From toothaches to chipped teeth, it’s important to know what to do in the event of a dental emergency:

  • Toothache: Try and find the source of pain, look for any swelling, redness, or discolorations. Rinse with a warm salt water solution. Check and see if food is lodged between teeth causing pain and remove it with floss.
  • Chipped Tooth: Try and save any tooth fragments and rinse with warm water. If there is any swelling, apply a cold compress to relieve pain.
  • Knocked Out Tooth: If a permanent tooth is knocked out, timing is crucial. Hold the tooth by the crown (not the roots) and try to place back in its socket if possible. If unable to reinsert, put the tooth in a container of milk or water and contact us immediately.

It’s also wise to keep an emergency dental kit on hand, including gauze, wax (for braces), pain relievers, floss, and our contact information!

3. Know how to protect your toothbrush on-the-go
A wet toothbrush in a closed in area is a recipe for disaster (hello bacteria!). So before you pack away your brush, allow it to air dry completely. Consider a travel brush case as it has small holes for proper ventilation. And of course, keep the case clean — wash thoroughly before and after to rid any dirt or bacteria that may be lingering.

4. Bring some sugarless gum.
Chewing sugar-free gum not only helps to relieve air pressure while flying but can be a huge help in cavity prevention. Chewing gum increases saliva production which in turn works to wash away any cavity-causing bacteria. Pro tip: look for the ADA seal on packs of gum for a truly tooth-friendly product.

5. Don’t skip your routine.
It’s easy to fall out of your brushing and flossing routine when you’re not in your own home. Don’t beat yourself up! Just make sure you get back on track — brushing for two minutes twice daily and regular flossing — once vacation is over.

There you have it — five quick tips for travel dental care. For questions or concerns regarding your family’s dental health this season, give us a call or click here to request your appointment»