7 Wellness Tips for the Whole Family

New Year’s resolutions can take a while to achieve, so don’t be discouraged! Whether your family hasn’t started making changes yet or you’re already finishing up the month strong, we have some wellness tips to help you continue to create smart habits all winter long!

  1. Plan an active vacation. With winter recess around the corner, plan an adventure the whole family can enjoy! Head to your favorite ski lodge and hit the slopes or head south for some warm weather activities.
  2. Drink more water. Water is not only good for keeping smiles healthy and bright, but it also helps with daily bodily functions like digestion. Staying hydrated helps prevent fatigue, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and can make skin look better!
  3. Take a family fitness class. Just because the temps are low doesn’t mean sitting around indoors is your only option. Plan to take a family fitness class to get the blood pumping! Yoga and Zumba are great classes that can accommodate all skill levels. Not your family’s style? Spend an afternoon ice-skating or playing laser tag instead.
  4. Try a new healthy food. Instead of sticking with what you know, branch out! Encourage your family to try something different in the produce aisle.  Leafy vegetables like chard, collard greens, and endives help provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals to improve oral health!
  5. Meditate for 10 minutes. With work deadlines and tests at school, de-stressing can sometimes be hard – but it’s still important! Encourage your family to clear their minds daily. Try apps like Headspace or Smiling Mind (more family/child geared) to help guide you.
  6. Go to bed early. Getting a full night’s sleep does wonders for your mood and immune system. Encourage your family to hit the hay a little earlier than normal to make sure everyone is getting a full seven to eight hours of shut eye.
  7. Toss the toothbrush! If you haven’t changed out your toothbrush in a while, now is the time! Toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three months (or sooner if the bristles are frayed). If you can’t remember the last time you changed your family’s brushes, switch them today – we’ll remind you again come spring cleaning!

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