Answering Your Orthodontic FAQs

Orthodontic care can improve the appearance of your smile, your overall health, and even your confidence. However, we also know that since orthodontic treatment is a big decision, it comes with a lot of questions. These are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

Your Orthodontic FAQs:

  1. At what age should I schedule an orthodontic appointment for my child?

It  is recommended that children have an orthodontic screening at age 7. By this age, most children have several permanent teeth, allowing an orthodontist to evaluate the need for early treatment.

  1. Are there any age limits to braces?

We provide orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages! While we do recommend early treatment for children, we also provide adult braces to those who are looking to improve smile alignment later on in life.

  1. Will I have to change my oral health routine after braces?

Metal and clear braces both require changes to your eating and oral health care habits. Sticky, hard foods can get stuck in your braces — or in some cases, break them. You’ll want to avoid biting into hard apples and other foods that can cause the brackets to break. You will also need to be diligent with your oral health care to ensure that you remove all food particles that get stuck in your braces.

There are fewer restrictions for those that improve their smile alignment with Invisalign®, as the Invisalign® aligners are removable during meals and when brushing your teeth.

  1. What is the difference between metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign®?

Traditional metal braces have brackets that are glued to your teeth with a thin wire running through each bracket. Like traditional metal braces, Radiance Clear Braces align your smile — however, the ceramic braces are made from pure grown sapphire, so that they are strong, stain-resistant and clear.

Invisalign® is a modern alignment method that uses a custom set of clear aligners that gradually aligns your smile overtime. This is perfect for those who are looking to cosmetically align their smiles. They are removable and nearly invisible when on.

  1. How Do I Schedule an Appointment for an Initial Exam?

Give us a call! Our doctors are excellent at treating and recognizing oral health problems. We use orthodontics to correct malocclusion, overbite, underbites, cross bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, cosmetic flaws, and other dental health issues.

At Adelberg Montalvan, our orthodontists are experienced in providing both children and adults with metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign®. If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, schedule an appointment at one of our three Long Island locations.

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