Average Cost of Teeth Cleaning for a Child in New York

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Regular, professional dental cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent cavities and other dental health problems for your child. And when it comes to the health of your child, and preventing cavities, you want the best to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Routine professional cleaning and prevention is so much easier than having to treat and pay to take of cavities that have already formed. 

Regular Dental Cleanings are Worth the Average Cost 

In short, it’s important to pay for regular dental cleanings for your child. The cost more than outweighs the expense, preserving your child’s dental health and keeping teeth healthy for years. Regular cleanings also work to prevent more costly dental care issues such as gingivitis or root canals in the future.

Your cost for a routine, regular professional cleaning in New York will usually be between $75 and $200 dollars. The exact price depends on your dentist and the location of your dental team. Usually, dental insurance will also cover most if not all of that expense one to two times annually.

Good Dental Health for Your Child

It’s important to note that despite following the best dental hygiene habits at home, eventually plaque builds up on your child’s teeth. When plaque isn't removed by brushing alone, it will eventually harden into sticky tartar or calculus, and that can only be removed through a professional dental cleaning.

Havoc-causing germs are located in tartar, germs that cause gum disease and tooth decay. But regular dental cleanings for your child will help keep it at bay. Following a cleaning, your dental hygienist will polish tooth enamel after removing surface tartar. The result: a smooth, clean tooth surface that makes it difficult for new plaque and tartar deposits to form.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Besides cleaning your child’s teeth professionally, practicing good dental hygiene at home is also very important. Encourage your child to brush teeth for two minutes every morning and night, to remove food debris and plaque that accumulates day or night.

Help your child brush both the fronts and backs of all of your teeth, as well as the chewing surfaces. That’s where plaque is likely to accumulate. It’s a good idea to make brushing a simple game, by dividing teeth in four different areas: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and brushing each of these areas for 30 seconds.

Your child should also floss every day, before or after brushing, being sure to thoroughly down in or up to the gumline, in those crevices between teeth where toothbrushes can't reach.  

Fluoride Treatments and Sealants

Also good for your child’s dental health are routine fluoride treatments and sealants. Although drinking water and toothpaste usually contain fluoride, treatments in your dental office help extend dental health just like professional cleaning. So does the use of dental sealants, which are a coating applied to tooth grooves and pits. Sealants also help to prevent plaque and tartar build up and many pediatric dental issues. The sealant coating is BPA-free.

Are You Ready to Learn More about Dental Cleaning? 

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