Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Long Island Pediatric Dentist

Is your child suffering from cavities, canker sores, or even fever blisters? Certainly not ideal, but thankfully laser treatment can help. Laser technology allows dentists to perform procedures with less pain, noise, and fear, which means no more kicking and screaming! Sound enticing? We thought so.

Here are some other benefits of laser dentistry.

Safety: If used by a trained practitioner, this technology is just as safe as any other dental instrument. However, your child will need to wear special eyeglasses to protect their eyes from the laser.

Painless: With this treatment, your child will overall feel more comfortable before, during, and after their appointment. Dental procedures with laser beams are painless, which also means there is nothing to be afraid of – coming in for a visit will become a breeze (if it wasn’t already)!

Accuracy: It may be hard to believe, but the laser treatment process is almost perfect. Laser technology uses a very narrow beam of light, allowing the surrounding areas to be left untouched.

Controls Swelling and Bleeding: Since the treatment only touches the affected area, the accuracy of this technology also helps reduce swelling and bleeding. If you notice swelling after the procedure, apply ice to the affected area.

Limited Return Visits: Need multiple procedures performed? With laser treatment, everything can be done in one single visit. Know what that means? You get to save time and energy on multiple dental appointments, sounds like a win all around.

Want to utilize the benefits of dental laser treatment? Our doctors at all three of our locations are experienced with laser treatment and have received extra training after residency in lasers. Schedule an appointment with Adelberg Montalvan or learn more information by explorin