Can Kids get Tooth Decay?

Team Blog Post

Often times, we assume kids get cavities because they aren’t brushing well and are eating a lot of sweets. Sometimes it’s more than that and can actually be genetic! Below are some of the most common habits that can result in tooth decay in your child.

Sugary Foods

Foods with lots of sugar are extremely hard on the enamel of the tooth. If the bacteria builds, it can break through causing a cavity

Lack Of Brushing

Kids have a difficult time reaching the back areas of the mouth, which is where chewing takes place. As food builds up, bacteria grows, and plaque gathers leading to decay.

Bed With a Bottle

When putting your child to bed, it’s important to give them water instead of milk. Milk can sit in your child’s mouth and create bacteria growth.


Sometimes, individuals teeth need to be taken care of more than others. Thin enamel and cavity sensitivity can run in your family. At the end of the day, roughly 4 million pre-schoolers suffer from tooth decay. Over the past decade, that’s an increase of more than 600,000 kids. This emphasizes the importance of ensuring children have good oral health habits and are working to protect their teeth as much as possible. Even if the lack of healthy teeth and gums stems from genetics, brushing and flossing is important to help improve the health of your child’s mouth as much as possible. At Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental, we can help with a check-up and analysis of your child’s oral health, provide cleanings, and work hard to ensure your child shines as bright as possible.