Celebrate National Fresh Breath Day!

It’s National Fresh Breath Day! Annually observed on August 6th, Fresh Breath Day was created to highlight the importance of oral hygiene and to stress that brushing for two minutes twice daily, flossing, tongue scraping, and keeping up with regular dental visits all help in keeping bad breath at bay.
Here are three ways to celebrate National Fresh Breath Day

1. Make sure you are brushing and flossing correctly.
It’s not enough to just brush and floss regularly if you aren’t doing it right! Make sure everyone in your family brushes for two full minutes at least twice a day for a thorough cleaning. And don’t forget the floss! Flossing is crucial for removing debris stuck between teeth (which can cause bad breath) – an area a toothbrush may not reach. 

2. Drink more water.
Not only does water help remove particles between teeth and but it helps boost saliva production. Drinking water helps moisten the mouth, kicking bad breath to the curb!

3. Be mindful of stinky foods.
Seems obvious, but stinky foods like onions, garlic, and even coffee, all have smells that linger long after consumption. Be mindful of what you decide to snack on today!

Have questions about improving bad breath? Give one of our offices a call or stop by our Massapequa location this weekend. We’ll be taking part in the Massapequa Park Street Fair and will be available to answer any questions and provide a tour of our office!