Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day!

It’s National Mac and Cheese Day — will you be celebrating with a bowl of this kid-friendly favorite? What many parents don’t realize is that not only is mac and cheese kid-friendly, it’s tooth-friendly, too (just remember to brush after)! These are a few of the benefits that cheese can have for your smile health.

Health Benefits of Cheese:

  • It raises the pH of your mouth. Lower pH levels put your teeth at risk of cavities. Cheese raises the pH of your mouth above 5.5, lowering your risk of tooth decay.
  • It’s full of calcium and phosphorus. Cheese is full of calcium and phosphorus, both which strengthen the bones in your body — including your teeth!
  • Chewing stimulates saliva. Chewing stimulates saliva flow in your mouth, washing away harmful sugars and bacteria.

While cheese can have many health benefits — it’s important that you chose the right type of cheese. Cheeses that are pre-packaged, or are processed cheese products, are full of added sugars that can wear down your enamel. Avoid these and stick to tooth-friendly cheeses like cheddar and monterey jack!

Making mac and cheese at home? Skip the boxed products and make your own, healthier version, like this low sugar, lower carb, four cheese mac and cheese!

If you find yourself with a toothache, or it’s time to schedule your dental checkup, give our office a call. We are here to help keep tiny teeth healthy all summer long!