Common Winter Mouth Woes

Winter may be chilly, but that shouldn’t stop all the fun! But sometimes, the mixture of the cool temperatures and harsh winds can wreak havoc on your little one and their mouth. 

Feel free to enjoy the winter in as many ways as you can think of, but be aware of these common winter mouth woes in the process to ensure your child keeps smiling throughout the season.

Canker Sores
Those winter treats may taste great, but they don’t sit well in your mouth. The higher consumption of acidic foods in the winter is a recipe for canker sores. Of course, completely avoiding these holiday treats may be easier said than done. If your child winds up suffering, try swishing one teaspoon of salt and a half-cup of water to help clean the sores or contact us and inquire about our laser dentistry services!

Cold Sores
You don’t just need to protect yourself from the sun in the warmer months. Continue to use products with an SPF of 15 or higher, even in the winter, as exposure to sun can lead to cold sore breakouts. Additionally, make sure your child is getting a good night’s rest and regularly keeping their hands clean to avoid the spread of any bacteria. 

Teeth Sensitivity
Your child may feel a sharp pain while eating during the colder months of the year. Even if you take precautionary measures to avoid certain foods, the cold temperature and wind can be enough to leave their teeth feeling sore. Try brushing with a desensitizing toothpaste.

Chapped Lips
Exposure to wind, cold, and sun creates the perfect environment for dry lips. Make sure you and your little ones are wearing a daily SPF lip balm and apply it often throughout the day. Drink plenty of water and think about installing a humidifier in your rooms. A little extra moisture in the chillier months never hurts!

If you have any questions about how to improve your child’s oral health please give our offices a call. We specialize in caring for children’s teeth in a comfortable and caring environment. Visit our website to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations.