Congratulations to Our Scholarship Winners – Francesca & Kayleigh!

Thank you again to all who entered our College Scholarship competition earlier this summer. Without further ado – let’s hear it for our winners, Kayleigh and Francesca! Congratulations!
Francesca Farb with Dr. Ericka Montalvan
“When I was younger I had piece of skin separating my two front teeth. Not a lot of kids had this and I was quite frequently asked “Why are your teeth like that?” and being only about eight years old I had no idea why or what to say, so I would just cry. It would make me so upset when people would ask and my mom thought it would be something that would just go away. 

When I began to go to Dr. Marc Adelberg he suggested the “frenectomy procedure”, which we had one of two options, laser procedure in his office or going to an oral surgeon. Once again only being eight years old I was terrified of needles and anything sharp and going to someone unfamiliar and having them cut a piece of skin out of my mouth was enough to bring tears to my eyes. My mother made an extraordinary decision to take Dr. Adelberg up on his laser surgery option, it was new and unfamiliar to her but she thought it would be for the best. The day of the procedure I was extremely nervous but Dr.Adelberg and his team made me feel at ease in no time. 

After the surgery I felt like a new person, I no longer had the piece of skin separating my teeth which felt like a road block in my little life, now my teeth had the freedom to move together and I felt like I could conquer the world. If it weren’t for the surgery, I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today or the option to pursue what I’m passionate about this fall at Pratt Institute. Art is a risky business but I believe I’m a sure-fire candidate for success and I wouldn’t feel this way about myself if it weren’t for the frenectomy procedure back in the day by Dr.Adelberg and his positive, supporting team!”
Kayleigh Zabell with Dr. Marc Adelberg
“For years, I have heard horror stories from other kids, and even adults about how painful and frightening going to the dentist can be. They would complain of how much toothpaste they got on their face or how the dentist would poke them too hard with the “scary metal thing”. Thankfully, I have a completely different experience, and never had to fear going to see everyone at Adelberg Pediatrics.

Growing up, going to see Dr. Marc was the only doctor appointment that I actually looked forward to having. My car rides to the office would be filled with decisions on what color toothbrush I wanted, which prize I would pick from the treasure chest, and which flavor toothpaste I wanted, which was no easy task considering the Adelberg Pediatrics crew has flavors ranging from watermelon to cookie dough! Unlike my colleagues, I really had no fears during my dental visits. The only worry that I had would be getting a cavity and not being able to join the cavity free club, which thankfully is not a common occurrence.

When I first gained independence in the tooth-brushing world, I was completely resistant to the whole process. I would try to avoid brushing my teeth, and thought the smell in my mouth was nothing a breath mint could not handle. It was only a matter of time before I did some serious damage to my teeth. I even remember going in for one of my dental checkups, and dental hygienist Lynda was able to tell what type of cookies I had for snack that day, which were Oreo cookies of course! Although impressed by Lynda’s cookie identification skills, I realized that I needed to make a change with my dental hygiene.

With the help of the Adelberg Pediatric team, I was motivated to develop better dental habits to help prevent bacteria and other “icky germies” from damaging my mouth. I honestly have to thank Adelberg Pediatrics for always making me feel comfortable and providing me with the advice and resources necessary to keep a healthy smile. As always, I look forward to seeing everyone again at my next dental checkup.”

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