Dental Health Tips for Summer

Team Blog Post

Ah, summer, one of our favorite seasons — filled with trips to the beach, sleep-away camps, family getaways, poolside BBQs and more! With all these new activities added into your daily routines, it’s no wonder maintaining good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits can be a struggle.

This summer, don’t take a vacation from your dental health. Follow the below tips to ensure nothing but bright smiles all summer long!

Keep Healthy Habits

We know those ice cream truck bells can be tempting, and with all the extra activities summer brings, healthy habits can fall by the wayside. It’s certainly important to enjoy yourselves, but even remembering the below three tips can keep those pearly whites cavity free!

Don’t Skip Your Dental Routine.
Schools out — which means later curfews and sleepy mornings. Resist the urge to skip brushing before a late bedtime or late wake up. Brushing for two minutes, twice a day and daily flossing are both key ingredients for excellent dental health. Looking for ways to keep your family on track this summer? Consider tacking up a brushing chart!

Stock Healthy Foods.
With kids (and possibly, their friends) home all day, it can be hard to limit snacking, but you can be proactive in choosing the right snacks to stock in your pantries. Swap out sugary treats with healthier options — cubes of cheese, almonds, fruits, veggies, pretzels, peanut butter, and hummus are all tooth friendly!

Drink Water.
Sugar-loaded juices or sodas are great to enjoy on occasion, but too much can contribute to tooth decay! Instead, stick to water — it’s refreshing, hydrating, and optimal for dental health. Slice up some fresh fruit to add flavor!

Bonus: Check out our infographic for more summer health tips for the whole family!

Avoid Dental Emergencies this Summer

Where would you prefer to spend a beautiful sunny day: outdoors or in a dentist chair dealing with an emergency? Assuming you didn’t choose the latter, and we don’t blame you! With a little knowledge and preparation, you can spend your days in the sunshine instead of our waiting room. Always remember to:

Wear a Mouth Guard During Play.
Mouth guards prevent serious injuries, from concussions to broken teeth. While they’re mandatory in collision sports (like football or hockey), it’s important to wear them for contact sports as well (baseball/softball, soccer, volleyball, etc.)! While any mouth guard is better than no mouth guard, we urge you to come in for a custom guard fitting at our dedicated Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental Mouth Guard Center! Custom guards are more comfortable, don’t restrict breathing or speech, and provide the highest level of protection.

Follow Pool Rules.
The pool is a common source for dental injuries each summer. We often see patients who fell after running on a slick surface or hit their chin after diving into shallow water. That’s why it’s so important to follow pool rules to prevent losing, chipping, or breaking a tooth!

Know What to Do in the Event of a Dental Emergency.
Sometimes despite our best efforts, accidents still happen! To prepare yourself for mishaps, keep an emergency dental care kit on hand. This kit should include gauze, wax (for braces), pain relievers, floss, and our contact information.

Schedule Your Checkup with Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental

This summer, work to make memories that last a lifetime — and as much as we love to see you, we don’t want those memories to include an emergency dental visit. So in addition to following pool rules, maintaining your dental routines, and wearing mouth guards, you’ll want to also schedule a check up before any long vacations. This way we can help spot any potential problems and treat them before you leave!

For any questions regarding your family’s dental health this summer, we’re only a call away! From dental emergencies to routine cleanings, we have three Long Island locations for your convenience. Click here to request your appointment»