Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day shouldn’t just be a normal day when you have children. It’s an opportunity for you to bond with your kids and teach them the importance of recycling and keeping the environment clean. Since Earth Day falls on a Saturday this year, you can spend the day teaching your children how to help the planet with these fun activities:

Explaining Water Pollution
Many children know that recycling can help the environment, but they don’t realize the effects of pollution and littering. To show them how hard it is to reverse the effects of pollution, fill a bucket with water along with some usual household trash and cooking oil (to mimic oil spills). Give your children a pair of tongs and a strainer and tell them to try and remove the pollution. They will be able to remove the large pieces of garbage, but will obviously be unable to remove the oil and any small pieces of dirt and debris.

Lesson Learned: Littering and polluting can severely hurt the environment. You can try to remove as much of the waste as you can, but you will never be able to remove 100 percent of it.

Sorting the Recyclables
Explaining why everyone needs to recycle is one thing, but showing your children how to do it can make all the difference! Set up four baskets each labeled “paper, plastic, metal, glass.” Then give them a bag filled with glass jars, cans, paper dishware, plastic water bottles, etc. Allow them to place each item in the basket they think is the correct one. Once they have finished, inspect their choices and then explain to them which ones they had trouble identifying.

Lesson Learned: By knowing which items should be recycled, kids will think twice before throwing all of their waste into the trash bin.

Being able to teach your children how they can help save the environment is a bonding experience every family should partake in. We hope you enjoy your Earth Day – remember to tag us in your Earth Day photos!

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