Electric Versus Regular Toothbrushes

Team Blog Post

Have you ever wondered why people use a regular toothbrush over an electric or vice versa? Electronic toothbrushes are nothing new but for some reason used less than regular brushes. Take a look at the pros and con to regular versus electric, and see which type of brush best fits you.

Manual Toothbrushes


• Many styles that can fit every size mouth
• Different bristle strength
• Does not require charging, batteries, or electricity
• Ease of traveling


• Cannot clean teeth as good as an electric toothbrush
• Fewer brushes per minute

Electric Toothbrushes


• Easy to use and do not miss difficult spots between teeth
• Shown to be more effective in preventing periodontal disease
• Remove more plaque than manual brushing
• The toothbrush heads can fit small mouths and make brushing easier for children


• Higher cost than manual toothbrushes
• Requires charging
• The brush heads will require replacing and can be costly
• They can break by a dead battery or malfunction
• More difficult for traveling since the unit will need to be brought along

The choice between manual and electronic toothbrushes comes down to a matter of preference, but in some cases, people use both. If you have more questions about manual versus electric toothbrushes, contact us!