Pediatric Dental Emergencies, Nesconset NY

Urgent Pediatric Dentistry on Long Island

We are open more than most pediatric dental offices in Nesconset, West Islip, Massapequa Park, and Northport, usually five to six days per week with early morning and evening hours across our four locations.

During our hours, if you desire, your child will be seen that day. After hours we always have a doctor on call. Speak to a doctor, not a call service.

After office hours, please give the office a call and follow the instructions provided. If your child is experiencing a serious or life threatening emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Some common tooth emergencies may include:

  • Tooth Aches
  • Broken Tooth/Teeth
  • Knocked Out Tooth/Teeth
  • Bleeding after a Baby Tooth Falls Out
  • Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek
  • Possible Broken Jaw
  • Cold or Canker Sores

In case of emergency please call:

Massapequa Park Office

Nesconset Office

West Islip Office


Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Can a knocked out tooth be put back in?

If your child knocks out a baby tooth, it cannot be put back in, but we’ll still want to see them in our office to determine whether there is any damage to surrounding soft tissue or teeth and if a space maintainer is needed. For a secondary (adult) tooth, we can often put it back in, but only with prompt treatment. Call our office right away so we can begin preparing for your child’s visit.

Never touch the tooth by the root; instead, hold it by the crown (the portion that is normally above the gumline). Rinse the tooth with milk or water only if it is visibly dirty, then push it back into the socket. While your child may resist this, it gives us the best possible chance of saving their tooth. If you can’t reinsert the tooth yourself, place it in a small cup of milk or saliva and bring it with you to our office. We will reinsert the tooth and then stabilize it with a splint in order to encourage the gums to reattach.

How long can a knocked out tooth last?

If you can’t push the tooth back into the socket and have to place it in milk or saliva, you have about an hour to get to our office before the likelihood of being able to successfully reinsert it begins to decrease. That said, even after an hour, there’s still a chance that the tooth can be reattached, so it’s still worth bringing it in with you.

Is a broken baby tooth an emergency?

When a baby tooth is chipped, emergency dental treatment is not usually needed. If, on the other hand, the broken tooth is jagged, causing pain, or most of the tooth has broken off, we’ll want to see your child as soon as possible.

Is a toothache an emergency?

It can be difficult for young children to articulate the pain they feel, so if your child is experiencing a toothache, call our office and we will set up an appointment to see them. Generally speaking, if the pain is excruciating, throbbing, and impacting their sleeping and eating, it’s likely an infection or another serious dental issue that requires urgent treatment.

Do emergency dentist appointments cost more?

We do not add extra fees or surcharges for emergency dental appointments.

Is a dental abscess an emergency?

Yes, dental abscesses are always considered a dental emergency. They’re a sign of a serious tooth infection; this infection can spread throughout the mouth and even to other parts of the body. Prompt treatment is needed in order to prevent complications.

Contact your local office for urgent pediatric dental care.