Fun Facts About Saliva

Team Blog Post

Saliva is a watery substance that is found in the mouths of all people. This substance is a natural part of the body that is used for chewing and swallowing food and it is also used to aid in the digestion process. Saliva not only helps us with the eating process it is also used to destroy bacteria, reduce incidence of tooth decay and it helps us to talk. Let’s check out some fun facts about saliva and how important this substance is for parents and their kids.

Saliva Is Your Mouth’s Personal Ph Level Monitoring System 

Saliva contains various substances such as proteins, enzymes, buffering agents and salts which keeps the inside of your from becoming to acidic. This natural monitoring system will kick in when the acid levels increase within a person’s mouth. This is an especially good thing for children who usually do not have good oral care or proper eating habits.

Saliva Makes Some Things Taste Sweet 

Your child will probably get a big kick out this fun fact about saliva. Ptyalin is a substance that is contained inside of saliva that makes bread and other starchy foods taste sweet. Ptyalin is an enzyme and when it comes into contact with starchy foods it produces this type of flavor. 

Saliva Is A Natural Bacteria Fighter

Saliva is a natural bacteria fighter and your drooling kids have the best defense against these microorganisms. That is because their drool constantly washes away and destroys the bacteria. Just so you know, when we sleep at night, we produce less saliva. This is the main reason why our breath smells so terrible in the morning. 

Saliva Neutralizes Acids Within Your Child’s Mouth

Certain foods have acids that damages a person’s teeth. It can ruin the enamel and cause discoloration. However, saliva neutralizes the acid allowing your kids to drink carbonated beverages, orange juice and other foods. 

Keep in mind that saliva does other great things such as moisten the foods we eat, and it also helps to keep your kids mouths lubricated while they run, play and act foolish throughout the day. One thing all parents should do is to take their kids to the dentist for a regular checkup. Remember saliva can only do so much to naturally protect your oral health. 

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