Fun Facts About the Tooth Fairy

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Have you ever wondered where the Tooth Fairy came from? Or what she looks like? You’re not alone! In fact, the story of the Tooth Fairy varies depending on who you speak to. 

While we don’t have all the answers, we did want to provide you with a few this National Tooth Fairy Day. See below for some fun facts about our fairy friend:

The Tooth Fairy is younger than you may think!
When it comes to American mythology, Santa can be traced to 280 CE, the Easter Bunny – the 1700s, however the very earliest reference of the Tooth Fairy wasn’t until 1908 when featured in the Chicago Daily Tribune!

Losing baby teeth has been long celebrated.
Although the concept of the Tooth Fairy is much more recent, the world has celebrated loosing baby teeth for centuries. In some cultures, the celebration involves throwing baby teeth on a roof or into the sky and asking for a new one! In other cultures, children were warned of the “tooth troll” who will come for them if they don’t brush.

But what does the Tooth Fairy look like?
The Tooth Fairy is certainly very elusive. Is she dainty, resembling Tinker Bell and carrying a wand? Or perhaps she is actually a he, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Tooth Fairy! Other cultures believe the Tooth Fairy is actually an animal, or that s/he employs animals to help (like Santa’s elves) — more on that below!

Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy is a little mouse!
With all the children across the world and all the missing teeth, it’s not surprising the Tooth Fairy may need some help. In parts of the world like South America and Asia, the Tooth Fairy has been known to send a little mouse to collect teeth — leaving a small treasure behind. Different areas of the world call him Ratón Perez or just little mouse. Instead of hiding the tooth under their pillow, children may put the tooth in a slipper or under their bed.

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