Healthy Back to School Habits

Readjusting to back to school routines can be a bit chaotic and sometimes healthy living can fall by the wayside. But with some simple changes, this can be avoided!

From healthy eats to family physical activities, check out these tips for keeping your kids on the right track this school year:

Eat healthy.
Hey parents – don’t forget your ABCs: Always check the circulars for discounts on healthy foods, Buy produce in season to cut costs, and Compare brands and package sizes to find the best buy. Check over the Nutrition Facts label to make sure you are choosing foods low in calories, saturated and trans fats, sodium, and sugars to help keep mouth monsters at bay. Pro tip: bring the kids food shopping with you so you can start teaching them how to make healthy choices (and also have extra hands to help pack up the car!).

Reduce screen time.
Kids spend a large part of their day sitting in a classroom, some of which incorporate technology already (iPads and computers). When they get home, help minimize time spent in front of a screen by encouraging more time spent as a family. How? For starters, be a good role model! Practice what you preach and be sure to reduce your own screen time for some motivation. Otherwise, enforce some simple house rules – like promising to eat dinner as a family without the TV on in the background.

Get active.
Another way to help reduce screen time is to encourage more outdoor fun! Whether it’s playing a sport, going for a bike ride, or walking the kids to school – get the whole family involved. Keep track of how your family spends time for a week and then look for 30 minute time slots where everyone can be active together. Take your dog on a walk as a family each weekend, play a game of basketball before dinner, or rake leaves together once fall sets in. 

For more information on the above, visit The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and check out their We Can! initiative.

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