Pediatric Dental Office Policies, Nesconset NY

Holistic Dentistry on Long Island

Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental proudly offers pediatric holistic dentistry on Long Island, NY, with locations in Massapequa Park, Nesconset, West Islip, and Northport. Contact your local office to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Holistic dentistry takes the approach that dental health is inextricably linked with overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We believe that rather than simply treating dental disease, we have an obligation as healers to promote the overall wellness that can help to prevent disease. We are also deeply committed to educating our patients and their parents, and consider ourselves collaborators in your child’s care.

The Holistic Dental Association, founded in 1978, sets out specific guidelines for holistic dentistry. These include:

  • Proper nutrition to prevent or reverse dental disease
  • Elimination of toxic materials from dental use
  • Prevention and treatment of bite problems
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease

We follow the latest best practices from the American Dental Association, and we do not promote any treatments that are not supported by solid scientific research. Instead, we aim to shift the focus of dentistry from treating diseases to preventing them, while supporting overall health and wellness.

We are always happy to further discuss our philosophy and approach with you and your child to determine whether holistic dentistry is the best choice for you. Just call our office at any time with any questions you may have.

What does holistic pediatric dentistry mean?

Holistic pediatric dentistry simply means taking a more integrative approach to your child’s oral health. We know that unhealthy teeth and gums can impact your child’s overall health and well-being; conversely, health conditions elsewhere in the body can cause oral problems. Our goal is to help your child achieve optimal health by preventing cavities and gum disease. We focus on the entire child including how the oral tissues may affect sleeping, feeding and speech. 

What is mercury-free pediatric dentistry?

Mercury-free pediatric dentistry involves using alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings. Also known as metal or silver fillings, these restorations contain mercury, which is why it’s important to choose a pediatric dental practice that uses composite fillings instead. Composite fillings safer and, because they’re white, they blend in naturally with the rest of your child’s teeth.

What is the difference between a holistic pediatric dentist and a regular pediatric dentist?

We place a greater emphasis on the prevention of dental and gum disease through good oral hygiene habits, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. When treatment is needed, we use a biomimetic approach that preserves as much of the tooth as possible and aims to restore its natural function, strength, and appearance.

What do holistic pediatric dentists use for fillings?

We use a safe composite material for dental fillings. These restorations are also referred to as white fillings because of their color.

If you are on Long Island, consider pediatric holistic dentistry for your child’s overall health and wellbeing. Just call our office at (516) 798-1111 (Massapequa Park), (631) 360-7337 (Nesconset), or (631) 661-7337 (West Islip) to schedule your child’s initial appointment.

Contact your local office to schedule your child’s initial appointment.