How Children’s Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

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Though they can’t be seen when most babies are born, teeth start to grow in a baby’s jaw surprisingly early in pregnancy. Beneath those bare gums are the buds of all of the baby teeth. As the baby grows, the teeth start to form around the buds, helped by calcium from the baby’s diet. The calcium deposits develop and harden in rings that very much resemble the rings in a tree.

How The Teeth Erupt

When the baby’s about six months old, their primary/deciduous or baby teeth start to erupt and push through the gums. The first baby teeth to erupt are the incisors, which are used for cutting and are found in the front and center of the jaws. Then, the first molars erupt followed by the canines and the second molars.

Your child has 20 baby teeth. These teeth come in until the child is nearly three years old, and they should have had their first visit to the pediatric dentist by then. This not only allows our staff to examine the new patient to make sure that all’s well, but gets the child used to going to the dentist.

The function of these baby teeth are to serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth and to develop the structures of the oral cavity. Eventually, the roots of the baby teeth start to dissolve. This is perfectly natural and normal. Eventually, the baby teeth fall out and make way for the permanent teeth.

There are 32 permanent teeth. The first to come are the six year molars, followed by the incisors, the canines, the cuspids and the second and third molars.

These permanent teeth develop from the same tooth buds as the baby teeth. Permanent teeth come in between the ages of six or seven and can continue until the person is in their early 20s.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, and sometimes the jaw is not long enough for them to erupt properly. Some wisdom teeth do not erupt at all while others partially erupt or erupt on their sides. These teeth need to be taken out by the dentist because they can’t be cared for properly and invite harmful bacteria.

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