How Frequent Should My Child Brush

Team Blog Post

Teaching your child good dental hygiene can be difficult. Until they are older, it’s hard to understand why you should brush and floss your teeth. This is where you step in as the parent to help them understand the importance and how often they need to brush! At Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend your child brushes his/her teeth for two minutes or more per session at least twice a day. Over brushing can lead to enamel damage, so make sure they are not going at it for too long. Try some of these techniques to help your child get excited about oral health:


Kids loves to watch their parents and copy what they do. If you make it look fun, they will think it’s fun. Considering you are monitoring and assisting with this process, make sure to get the back teeth and gums to ensure healthy growth. Try a song to ease the process and bring the fun!


This is when kids want to start doing everything on their own. Try recommending a timer or a way for him/her to monitor their teeth brushing alone. Fun, colorful electric toothbrushes are also available!


By now, your child should have a pretty solid routine down. If you notice dental problems, come in for an evaluation. We can help with new techniques to reach difficult places, help bad breath, and check for cavities.

For more information on brushing teeth, contact us!