How to Avoid a Candy Overload This Halloween

Trick-or-Treat! It’s almost that time – that time when your home overflows with all kinds of sticky, chewy candies. Sound’s like a dental nightmare, no?

But Halloween doesn’t have to be coated in sugar! Here are a few tips on how to avoid a kid candy coma:
Treat Your Kids in Moderation
Agree ahead of time of how much your kids are allowed to have and during what times. When they are done trick-or-treating, allow them to pick out a few pieces for the night. Put the rest of the candy out of sight (out of mind!). Set up a “treat time” and reward your kids when the time is right.

Upcycle Candy
Just because your children shouldn’t eat all of the candy doesn’t mean you can’t use all of the candy! Put some of the candy aside for holiday projects like gingerbread houses or valentines day cards! You can even use it as an advent calendar – countdown the 25 days ‘til Christmas with a piece of candy a day.

Donate Candy
Avoid a temper tantrum from taking your children’s candy away and let them donate it instead! Find a local organization that allows candy buyback’s in your area – like us here at Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental – in turn, they collect the candy and send it off to be distributed to troops overseas.

Choose Alternate Treats
Candy isn’t the only thing that makes children happy. Switch out some of their candy for prizes – stickers, school supplies, or small creative toys will do! You’ll be surprised at how much your child will enjoy receiving a surprise that isn’t a sticky, tasty treat.

Enjoy your Halloween – treats and all! But remember, brush for two minutes after indulging in any sticky or sugary sweets! If you have any questions about how to improve your child’s oral health, give us a call! We specialize in caring for children’s teeth in a comfortable and caring environment. Visit our website to learn more.