How to Create a Summer Routine

Team Blog Post

What we love most about summer is that it’s two months of carefree ease. So long are the days of rigid morning schedules (who remembers the struggle of trying to get their kids’ teeth brushed and clothes on before the always punctual 7:35 a.m. bus?) and the after-school activities runaround.

But be careful not to abandon a daily routine completely — otherwise, your summer may completely slip by. Help keep a sense of order while still savoring the lazy days of summer with these tips:

Break Your Day Into Sections 

While you may not have to assign a time to each chore as you did during the school year, you should break your day into three sections — morning, afternoon, and night. Keep a general list of 3 – 5 things that need to get done during each block of time and check them off one-by-one.

Get Your Kids Involved

No matter their age, there’s always something your little ones can help (or at least try to help) with. Now that you have more free time in the morning let them pick out their outfit. In the afternoon, ask them to help make sandwiches for lunch. And at night, have your kids help put some toys away before sitting down for dinner. With the entire day free, summer is the perfect time to give your kids just a little bit more responsibility.

Create a Summer Bucket List 

Another fun activity to do with your kids one afternoon? Create a summer bucket list! From the park down the block to a museum in New York City, let your kids’ creativity run wild. Now, the next time you hear your little one say, “I’m bored,” you can turn to the list for fun ideas!

Utilize Charts

Especially if you have two or three children, remembering who did what (and when) can get exhausting. Instead of keeping everything organized in your head, throw it down on paper. A simple chore or brushing chart will help keep your home running smoothly long after summer has ended.

And would you look at that — we’re one step ahead of you! To help keep your little one’s oral health a priority this summer, we’ve created a brushing chart you can print and hang up right now! Click the link below to download.