How To Ease Your Child’s Dental Fear

Team Blog Post

Many have a fear of going to the dentist and that includes children; however, there are things we, as parents, can do that can help such as initiating your child’s visits to the dentist early, at age one or when the first tooth is visible.

Follow the KISS principle

Most importantly, keep it simple when you talk with them about going to see the dentist. Too many details can cause questions and that could increase your child’s anxiety. Keep your conversation positive but don’t give them false hope.

Be Careful With Your Words

In addition, be careful of the words you use when talking with them about visiting the dentist. For example, avoid the words hurt or pain. Instead, tell them that they are going to the dentist so that the dentist can look at their smile and count their teeth.

Try Make Believe

Another way to put your child’s mind at ease is to make believe that you and your child are at the dentist’s. Take a toothbrush count the teeth on your child’s teeth. Use numbers or the alphabet.

  • Be careful not to make drilling noises.
  • If you have a small dental mirror and a small explorer, pretend that you are checking their teeth.
  • This procedure will prepare them for their first dental appointment. Picture books that you can get on the Web can also help.

Expect Turbulence

Keep in mind; your child may cry, wiggle and not want to be examined by someone they don’t know. Stay calm and know that the dentist and staff are prepared for some fussing. They might ask you to stay for awhile or hold their hand. This may help to calm them down and get them through the dental process.

Explain The Importance Of The Dentist

Most importantly, explain to your child how important it is to see the dentist so that their teeth stay healthy and prevent cavities.

  • This will help your child to see how important it is to have good oral health.
  • At our dental practice, we know how important healthy teeth are for overall good health.

Make an appointment soon at Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental and find out how our dental services can ease your child into good dental care.