smiling little girl brushing teeth

4 Ways to Make Brushing Fun

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smiling little girl brushing teeth

How to Motivate Kids to Keep Tiny Teeth Healthy

A new year brings new challenges. Regardless of your “improve oral health” resolution made at the start of the new decade, teaching your child to brush may still come as a struggle. Often times, children view brushing their teeth as another chore, specifically one they’d like to avoid whenever possible. 

If you need some help changing their perceptions, we’ve got 4 tips on how you can make brushing fun for your family:

1. Download a Brushing Aid

When it comes to brushing teeth, there’s an app for that! While an app won’t brush your teeth for you, it can at least play two minutes of music or turn oral health into a game. Two of our favorite apps include:

  • Brush DJ: This fun musical app not only plays two minutes of tunes but features how-to videos for brushing and flossing. It also includes age-specific information for oral health and dental appointment reminders!
  • Toothsavers: A fairy tale kingdom needs your child’s help! From Little Red Riding Hood to the Pirate, your child will need to help them brush their teeth for two minutes in order to save them from an evil spell. They’ll also be able to track their own tooth brushing progress and watch different two-minute animations to make real-life brushing fun!

2. Get Connected

Take brushing to the next level with a smart toothbrush! Beyond just downloading an app, the Philips Sonicare Smart Electric Toothbrush helps track the actual brushing progress your kids are making. The app begins with a character called Sparkly and Sparkly’s mouth acts as a visual guide for your child in brushing their own teeth. In order to brush Sparkly’s teeth, your child must start the toothbrush and brush their own in the same order. If brushed correctly, they’ll get rewards within the app. Children can track achievements and parents can log in to monitor progress as well!

3. Offer a Variety

Another way to make brushing fun includes buying a variety of floss or toothpaste options. Beyond the normal floss flavors, did you know they have a cupcake-flavored and bacon-flavored floss too? Switching things up can be an easy, yet tasty, way to encourage little ones to floss! For toothpaste, outside of your traditional minty flavors, consider offering fruit or berry-flavored options to change up the normal routine.

4. Use Incentives

What child doesn’t love prizes? If your child remembers to brush their teeth without having to be reminded, give them a point or sticker. Once enough points or stickers are accumulated, allow your child to trade them in for a small prize! You can also keep a daily brushing chart in your bathroom to help with tracking purposes — or hang multiple to challenge the whole family to get a perfect score!

brushing chart

Download our Brushing Chart here.

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