How To Make Dental Visits Stress Free

Team Blog Post

Dental visits can be stressful for both parent and child — they can also cause children to experience a great deal of anxiety! Fortunately, there are things that you can do to keep your little ones calm before heading into an appointment.

Educate Them About the Dentist 
One of the reasons that children are so afraid of the dentist is because they do not know what to expect! You should talk to your child about the dentist before their appointment — explain to them what will happen and let them know there is nothing to be afraid of!

Take Them to Their Dentist by Their First Birthday 
Taking your child to the dentist early will help them get adjusted to the environment as you’ll be establishing a dental home for years to come! Not to mention, early intervention helps prevent serious dental problems.

Pair the Dental Visit With Another Fun Activity 
While we know our office itself is a fun place to visit — with all the games and activities we have — why not make a day out of it! Head out to a movie, go bowling, or treat your child to their favorite restaurant.

Encourage Good Dental Habits at Home 
You can get your child comfortable with the idea of dental care by establishing good habits at home. If they are familiar with brushing and flossing, then chances are they won’t feel as stressed in the office.

Bring Your Child to AMPD!
One of the easiest ways to make dental visits stress free? Choosing our office, of course! Our office focuses on being a fun and easy environment for all of our families — with a fun, under the sea theme, video games, and TV.

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