Pediatric Dental Services Offered at Adelberg Montalvan

Oral care is important for each and every child that wishes to remain in good health (and have a bright smile). Here at Adelberg Montalvan, we believe that each child should receive services that are specific to them. With a wide array of pediatric dental services, we will explain all options and discuss a tailored treatment specifically for your child.

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Preventative & Diagnostic

  • Comprehensive oral evaluations are recommended at least once every six months to prevent cavities and other dental problems.
  • Regular cleanings will keep gums and teeth healthy. Removal of tartar & plaque and polishing will give your child the bright smile they deserve!
  • Fluoride treatments are available to help strengthen teeth and prevent early decay.
  • Dental X-rays can help identify possible tooth decay, additional teeth, done defects, cysts, and to check the progress of previous procedures.
  • Custom mouth guards can be made to better protect your child’s teeth and gums, in comparison to uncomfortable pre-formed mouth guards.


  • For children with chipped or misshapen adult teeth, bonding can be used to fill and restore their smile.
  • Whitening teeth has been made simple and safe with professional grade AND teen safe bleaching kits.
  • Icon white spot removal is available for those with unusual white spots (anyone with recently removed braces). This treatment is done without drilling or shots!


  • Composite fillings are used to fill cavities with a strong, white colored material. Removal of cavities and the addition of composite fillings can be done in a single day.
  • Root canals are sometimes necessary on small children with baby teeth. This procedure is known as a Pulp Treatment. The dental pulp inside of the tooth will be removed, the root canals will be cleaned, and the canals will be filled with material until the tooth is ready to fall out on its own.
  • Dental crowns are available for your child — oftentimes they are completed in a single visit! White ceramic crowns are available for primary teeth as well.
  • When a tooth can’t be saved, extraction are available. Since we want to make this as comfortable as possible for your child, we use the most minimally invasive techniques in combination with “laughing gas.”

For children, there is no one size fits all service, which is why we will tailor our services to your child’s needs! Feel free to give any of our three Long Island locations a call, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!