Long Island Pediatric Laser Dentistry

Long Island Pediatric Laser Dentistry

Welcome to the fabulous world of laser dentistry. We have the most combined experience in laser dentistry than any other office in Long Island and all of our doctors have received extra training after residency in lasers. We offer laser dentistry in all four of our office locations.

Utilizing this laser allows us to gently clean out most cavities without the need of using shots. It also allows us to work on multiple teeth in multiple areas of the mouth. Procedures performed with dental lasers are minimally invasive and preferable to conventional surgery. It is a more comfortable and overall superior treatment with less pain, fewer needles and less noise.

Additionally, the laser helps alleviate and eliminate painful canker sores and fever blisters, and frenectomies are done more comfortably and simply.

Our West Islip office was featured in a report about laser dentistry on News 12. Check out the video in the link below!

Long Island Naturally: Lasers at the Dentist

Other benefits of laser dentistry over traditional methods can include:

  • Reduced heat and vibration
  • Little or no need for anesthetic
  • Faster treatment time
  • Increased rate of retention
  • Less post-operative complications

Some of the dental treatment provided by lasers are as followes:

  • “Cure” or harden fillings
  • Whiten teeth
  • Reshape gum tissue
  • Biopsy or remove soft tissue lesions and ulcers
  • Remove areas of tooth decay
  • Eliminate pockets of infected gum tissue
  • Root canal therapy
  • Correct ankyloglossia (tongue-tied)
  • Oral surgery and extractions