Picking Foods That Promote a Healthy Smile

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Summer Snacks For Better Dental Health

Little Girl Eating Pear

The spring weather on Long Island is officially here, and before we know it, warm summer days will be upon us. With your family spending more time at home than ever before, you might notice that your little one’s snacking habits have increased. Because of this, healthy oral hygiene should be at the front of your mind!

In fact, choosing the right snacks can actually help keep their teeth clean and strong! So as you plan out your shopping list, keep these healthy and smile approved snacks in mind: 

Snack on Some Veggies

Does your child have the urge to crunch? If so, swap the chips for some veggies! Not only can it fulfill their need to crunch; the amount of chewing involved can work as a natural cleaner for their teeth. Watery firm foods like celery and carrots produce extra saliva, which aids your mouth in the removal of food particles and bacteria. 

Not to mention, carrots are packed with vitamin c and calcium, and both carrots and celery are the closest snacks you can get to flossing

Go Nuts

If allergies aren’t an issue, snacking on almonds, brazil nuts and cashews have been known to fight bacteria that are known to lead to tooth decay. Most are packed full of vitamins such as vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. 

Beat The Heat and Treat Their Teeth

Staying hydrated is essential all year round, but with the warm weather headed our way, your child should be mindful of their daily H20 intake. Not only will it assure your body can distribute the nutrients you need, but dehydration can also lead to dry mouth and bad breath. 

Not to mention, water helps rinse away any leftover food particles when you’re unable to floss or brush.

Pair it With a Pear

Nothing says summer like a cold glass of water and a fresh piece of fruit. While berries contain tons of nutrients, one less common fruit to consider for ultimate teeth health is a fresh and delicious pear. That’s because, unlike other acidic fruits, pears neutralize the acid in your mouth, especially those that have been known to lead to tooth decay. 

If pears aren’t your child’s favorite, consider a fresh apple. Their fibrous makeup can clean your teeth, and stimulate their gums, too!

Let our Team of Professionals Help

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