Reasons to Wear a Mouthguard [Infographic]

Team Blog Post

We encourage you to play it safe! Dental emergencies and other injuries can be prevented, with the use of a custom fit mouthguard.

Custom guards are more comfortable, don’t restrict breathing or speech, and provide the highest level of protection.

As you may know, certain sports require the use of mouthguard — like football, lacrosse, wrestling, ice hockey and field hockey. But while they’re not required for others, they should still be worn for sports or activities like basketball, skateboarding, karate, baseball or any sport that poses dangers to the mouth and teeth.

Before this upcoming sports season, be sure to make an appointment at our Mouthguard Center of Long Island! We will fit your child with a mouthguard specific to their mouth and they can choose their colors to coincide with their school, intramural, or PAL league’s uniform. Contact us at any of our three locations today for more information!