Show Gratitude with These Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday surrounded by delicious food. This holiday is the time to reflect and give thanks. Spend quality time with your children the entire month of November by creating crafts that help teach them the meaning behind Turkey Day – gratitude. 

Thankful Turkey 3D Cut Out
This is a classic activity with a twist. Click the link provided above and print out the downloadable 3D turkey cutout. Follow the instructions and let your child see the turkey come to life! Have them write down or draw on each feather what they are thankful for. 

A Gratitude Jar
Every day until Thanksgiving, have your family write down a specific moment in their day that they are grateful for. It could be as simple as good test score or the fact that they ate all of their vegetables for dinner that night. Allow the kids to decorate the jar and come Thanksgiving, allow them to read each moment allowed. 

Turkey Toss of Thankfulness
Think hot potato meets Thanksgiving! All you need is a bouncy ball (with holes in it) and feathers. Toss the “turkey” while shouting out things you are thankful for! 

Thankful Wreath
Do you need to decorate your home for Thanksgiving, but also want to participate in some fun fall activities with your kids? Kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended – sorry turkeys!) and have your little ones help you create a Thanksgiving wreath. 

Kid Thank-You Cards
This is a perfect handmade gift idea that kids will love to make! Provide them with markers, stamps, stickers, etc., and allow their artistic juices flow! Send these letters out throughout the month or hand them out on Thanksgiving to the ones you love. 

AMPD Thanksgiving Tree
Continue the holiday fun when you visit one of our office locations in the month of November – have your children write what they’re thankful for and put it on our Thanksgiving tree!

Happy crafting! 

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