Snow Day Activities for Kids

The first part of your day was likely spent sleeping in and having a (tooth-friendly) family breakfast. But as the snow continues to come down, boredom may strike. But before you get to that point, check out some of the below snow day activities! We think you’ll find enough ideas to keep your kids entertained before they head back to school again.

Indoor Bowling! As long as you have the space, challenge your child to a game of indoor bowling! Using empty plastic water bottles or containers as your pins (may need to add a little bit of water to the bottles to help anchor them down) – set 10 up in a triangle at the end of your hall (or room), then find a ball, aim, and bowl!

Get a head start on your Valentine’s Day cards or decor! Break out the pink, red, and white construction paper – time to get started on your Valentine’s! Perhaps you’ve already printed out these tooth-cute ones, in that case your children can work on creating decorations for your home! This Valentine’s Day Tree Paper Craft would make a stunning addition to your fridge while this Red Solo Cup Character can hang out on a side table or mantel! 

Make your own silly putty! Pour some Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue and your favorite food coloring into a bowl and mix well. Then add some Sta-Flo Concentrated Liquid Starch into the mixture, stir then let sit for five minutes. Then take the putty out of the bowl and place it on a paper towel, begin to knead with your hands and enjoy!

Make some ice balloons! All you need is water, balloons, food coloring, and cold weather. Put a drop of food coloring in each balloon and carefully fill them with water (discard any that leak!). Tie a knot and place them outside in the snow. Let them freeze (you can also put them in your freezer) and then carefully cut the knot to peel back the balloon. This process is best done outside to avoid a mess. Feel free to scatter them around your home in the snow for a pop of color! 

Build a Snowman! When all indoor activities fail, it’s time to head outside and build your first snowman of 2017. Make sure everyone is bundled properly as to avoid catching a cold! 

We hope you enjoy your snow day – remember to tag us in your snow day photos! 

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