Spring Cleaning: 5 Things to Throw Out

Team Blog Post

Now that spring has officially sprung, where are you in your spring cleaning process? If you haven’t yet started, don’t worry — there is still plenty of time!

Remember, when it comes to spring cleaning you’ll want to start small. Dedicate your energy to one room or space at a time — it’s always easier to tackle smaller tasks than an entire home in one shot.

As you start clearing the clutter, below are five items you can certainly look to toss!

  1. Magazines. Do you have a stack of magazines accumulating somewhere in your home? If so, chances are you don’t need them. If you can’t remember the last time you flipped through the pages, it’s time to drop the pile off at your local recycling center.
  2. Clothes. Instead of throwing out a perfectly good pair of jeans just because your child outgrew them, go the donation route. Goodwill happily accepts new or gently used items or consider scheduling a pickup with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Someone in need will thank you!
  3. Toys. Similar to the above, if you have any gently used toys your kids no longer play with — donate them! However, if you have broken toys or games with missing pieces, it may be time to retire them completely.
  4. Expired Items. From food to medicine, check expiration dates and toss anything that cannot be used. From there be sure to take inventory of missing items and add them to your next shopping list.
  5. Old Toothbrushes. We’ve hit the three month mark! If you replaced your toothbrush this New Year, now is the time to change it (again). Remember, old bristles hold on to bacteria and aren’t as effective in cleaning teeth.

Instead of just throwing out your old toothbrush, repurpose it! They make a great cleaning tool! Save a toothbrush to use for cleaning your delicate jewelry and another for cleaning those hard to reach spots in the bathroom.

How do you repurpose old toothbrushes? Share with us on our Facebook Page!

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