Spring Sports Safety: Custom Mouth Guards

Spring is officially here! And with the new season comes blooming flowers, warmer weather and of course, spring sports! As your children get ready to head outdoors, be sure to schedule an appointment with Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental for a custom fit mouth guard!

Just like you wouldn’t let your child go up to bat without a helmet or run onto the field without shin guards, mouth guards are critical for protecting your child’s smile!

Here’s how spring sports can hurt your child’s teeth:

Baseball and Softball — One of the biggest threats to the mouth is the ball itself. The impact of a ball can knock out or chip a tooth, or in other cases, misalign a jaw!

Lacrosse — The good thing here is that both girls and boys lacrosse requires the use of a mouth guard to even be allowed to play! But even during a friendly game of lacrosse catch on the weekend, one should not skip the mouth guard. Much like the above, an accidental ball to the mouth is always a possibility.

Soccer — Close plays can lead to elbows or knees to the face as well as falls to the ground! If the chin or mouth is hit in the wrong way, a mouth guard can help protect chipped teeth or cuts.

Why are custom fit mouth guards the best choice?

Well, let’s face it — any mouth guard is better than NO mouth guard, but custom mouth guards truly work best. Here’s why!

Consider this, if a helmet is too loose on your child’s head, it’s not really offering the protection it should — if anything it is decreasing it’s effectiveness! Store bought, generic guards function in a similar way. With custom fit mouth guards from Adelberg Montalvan, each guard we create is done off of a mold of your child’s mouth. That means they are completely unique to their owner. By fitting your child’s mouth perfectly, they offer optimal protection (even for those with braces!).

When a mouth guard is unique to an athlete’s mouth, it offers optimal comfort. The more comfortable something is, the more likely your child will be to wear it! And since all sports require some level of communication, a comfortable, proper fitting guard won’t restrict speech.

To help make custom fit mouth guards more accessible, we offer a dedicated Mouth Guard Center at each of our locations! We can fit your child with a custom guard, in any color or design and the bonus is you don’t need to be a patient — so be sure to share with your child’s teammates!

Have we convinced you yet? Feel free to give any of our three Long Island locations a call, we’d be happy to answer any further questions!