Start the School Year with a Smile

School supplies? Check. First day of school outfit? Check. Dentist appointment? Check!

School will be back in session in two weeks and as you finish up all of your back to school shopping, don’t forget to schedule that back to school dental appointment! We know that summer break can disrupt daily routines and as such its important to get back on track for a successful school year.

To make sure your child starts the school year off with a great smile, be sure to follow our tips below! 

  • Schedule a check-up. Good health and academic success begin at home. It’s important as a parent, to make sure there are no obstacles in your child’s way that could hurt their ability to thrive. A twice yearly check up is your best defense to maximize your child’s oral health. Schedule a back to school appointment with us to make sure no dental problems will prevent them from having a happy and healthy year.
  • Protect tiny teeth. Back to school = back to school sports. One important piece of your child’s uniform that shouldn’t be forgotten, a custom fit mouthguard. Mouthguards are the simplest solution to dramatically reducing the risk of oral injuries and concussions. At all three of our locations, we offer our very own mouthguard centers so your athlete can receive a custom fit guard in the colors of their choosing. Current patients and first timers welcome!
  • Consistency is key. Make sure your child incorporates enough time in the morning and evening to brush and floss teeth. By making these actions routine, your child will develop consistent habits for the rest of their life!
  • Pack healthy lunches. When packing lunches for your kids this year make sure to include some tooth friendly options such as string cheese, raw veggies, whole wheat bread for sandwiches, water, etc. Smart snacks and proper nutrition not only play a role in your child’s oral health but also in fueling them through their daily activities.

Let us help make sure nothing is standing in the way of a successful school year – give us a call to schedule your child’s back to school check-ups and/or mouthguard fitting today!

At Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental our purpose is to provide exceptional mental and dental care that can impact your child’s life forever.  Our practice has been providing excellent pediatric dentistry to children of Long Island for over 14 years.