Summer Health Tips for the Whole Family [Infographic]

Team Blog Post

Who’s excited for some summer fun? We know we’re smiling from ear to ear! Make this summer your best (and healthiest) yet, with the below tips:

Choose the Right Drinks

Sugar loaded drinks can wreak havoc on teeth, so instead of reaching for a cold soda when the temps are high, stick with water instead! Trust us; it’s just as refreshing — you can even add some fruit slices for extra flavor!

Stock Up on Healthy Snacks
Think fruits, veggies, cheese, and almonds — these snacks are both tooth friendly and good for overall health. Try freezing a yogurt dipped banana for a delicious frozen treat.

Play Outdoors
Limit screen time this summer and get outside! Gather the whole family and head out for a bike ride, take your dog for a walk, or spend a day at the park. Regular exercise does the body, and brain, good.

Wear Sunscreen
Be sure to keep your little ones (and yourselves) safe from sun damage! Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) that offers UVA and UVB protection at least 30 minutes before going outside. Then, be sure to apply every two hours!

Follow Pool Rules
No running and no diving into shallow waters! Swimming pool accidents are a common cause of dental emergencies. Keep those tiny teeth intact!

Don’t Forget to Brush
This year round advice hasn’t changed, but with later curfews, summer camps, and family vacations, it’s important to make sure this doesn’t slip through the cracks. Remember to brush for two minutes, twice daily!

These tips plus a checkup with Adelberg Montalvan will help your family enjoy a summer of healthy smiles! Contact us today to make an appointment!