Talking to Your Children About Braces

Let’s talk braces.

Braces are common among many children, teens, and adults in the US. But while some children view getting braces as a rite of passage, others may feel like their world is ending. This hesitation may come from seeing a friend with braces get teased or the fact that they are going through a major life change — like the transition from middle school to high school.

However your child is feeling, it’s important to start a conversation about their impending orthodontic treatment. See below for some things to keep in mind!

Be supportive: Remember, not all kids like the thought of braces, but showing your support and offering advice can work wonders. Did you or your spouse have braces growing up? Dig out some photos and show your child how you looked pre-treatment! This can help them see the big picture — that after this treatment, they’ll have a truly stunning smile!

Explain the benefits: Having a great smile isn’t the only benefit of braces. With straight teeth, your child will be able to brush and floss easier, helping prevent cavities and other dental problems! Also, when teeth are aligned properly, you are able to speak, bite, and chew properly.

Give them choices: Metal braces aren’t your child’s only options. Speak with one of our orthodontists about some of the other orthodontic options we offer! For instance, Radiance Clear Braces are exactly that, clear — which is a great choice for any aesthetic concerns. We also offer Invisalign® treatment which straightens teeth with a custom-made series of aligner trays, a virtually invisible piece of plastic that is worn over teeth.

Choose the right orthodontist: When it comes to the health of your child, you wouldn’t pick just anyone to go to for care. At Adelberg Montalvan, we treat our patients as if they were our own children — so you can rest assured that they are in great hands. Just look at what some of our patients have been saying!

And, as an added courtesy, we’d love to offer any NEW patients $500 OFF braces:

Adelberg Montalvan specializes in caring for children’s teeth in a comfortable and welcoming environment, in three different Long Island locations: Massapequa Park, Nesconset and West Islip. If you are in need of a local orthodontist, look no further! Contact us today to learn more.