The Holidays and Clear Braces

Team Orthodontics

This next month is going to be a hectic one with the holiday season upon us! For both long time Invisalign® wearers and new ones, it’s important to know that these clear braces need extra special care during this time.

Protect your teeth and Invisalign® and avoid any mishap that might come with holiday mania.

Opt for Water

It’s important to keep your Invisalign® in for as long as possible during the day, so having to constantly take yours out in order to drink can have a negative impact on your teeth’s progress for that day. That is why it’s recommended you stick with water, as you can keep your braces in while still keeping yourself hydrated.

Bring the Necessities

In all honesty, just leaving your Invisalign® on a napkin during dinner time could ruin the appetite of everyone around you. Make sure you have your Invisalign® case with you and ready to go once it’s time to eat. It’s more sanitary this way too!

Avoid Snacking

The first course, second course, dessert, oh my! It can feel like the holidays are spent just sitting around the table waiting for the next meal, making it easy to forget about your aligners all together. Instead, try to avoid picking on snacks before the meal, and remove them for the main courses.

Wear Them for as Long as Possible

These custom-made aligners are designed to gently shift your teeth every day. Your orthodontist essentially has the entire timeline for them planned out. While it might not seem like a big deal, if you go too long without having them in, your teeth-straightening progress may be hindered. Try to leave them in for as long as possible during the holidays and only take them out when you know it’s time to eat! It’s important to make sure the foods are teeth and braces-friendly, too.

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