Things A Dentist Knows Just By Looking in Your Mouth

Team Blog Post

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your mouth is the window to your body. There’s a lot more your dentist can tell from your little one’s mouth than just if they’re actually brushing when they say they are and how soon until they lose their first tooth. Just by looking at their little teeth and gums, these are a few of the things a dentist can tell about your child’s health.


They’re drinking too much soda.

Soft, chipped, or discolored teeth can mean that your child is enjoying too much candy, soda, or energy drinks (yes, energy drinks have a lot of sugar in them!). The next time your child is thirsty, reach for a glass of milk or water, or an unsweetened glass of juice that’s been watered down.

They have a sinus infection.

Because the roots of your teeth live in the same area of your head as your sinuses, sinus infections and tooth pain can sometimes be confused for one another. If your child is ever complaining about tooth pain in their upper jaw, ask them to bend down and touch their toes. If the pain or pressure increases, it’s more likely a sinus infection.

They bite their nails.

Your child’s fingers aren’t the only thing giving away the fact that they’re biting their nails. Nails are a lot stronger than they look and can crack, scrape, and damage teeth. If your child consistently nibbles on one side of their mouth, nail biting can even cause their teeth and jaw to become uneven.

They sucked their thumb past age seven.

Children who suck their thumb past age seven or eight (the critical age at which their adult teeth are coming in) can suffer significant changes to their bite and the position of their teeth. If your child is nearing age seven and still sucks his/ her thumb, it’s advised that you encourage them to stop.

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