Top Dental Tips to Follow While Pregnant

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As a busy parent, it can often be easy to think about your little one’s dental hygiene, while neglecting your own. Though life can get hectic, your dental care is essential, especially if you plan on growing your family.

If you’re currently expecting, here are just a few of the ways you can take care of your dental health, as well as your little one’s, while pregnant!

Dental Tips for Expecting Mothers Adelberg Montalvan

6 Important Dental Tips for Expecting Mothers

  1. Get Your Check-up In. You might be tired of making appointments, and the fatigue of the first trimester might be getting you down, but now is the perfect time to have your dental cleaning and check-up. If you are planning to start a family, try getting to your dentist ASAP — this will allow you to address any dental issues before you begin your pregnancy.
  2. Brush, Brush, Brush! Don’t panic if you notice your gums are more sensitive than normal; this is often a pregnancy side effect. To ensure you’re staying on top of your dental health, brush at least twice daily with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Floss is Your Friend. Don’t forget your daily flossing! Flossing is the only way to get into the little nooks and crannies that your toothbrush just can’t reach. 
  4. Fight Morning Sickness. Constant morning sickness can do a number on your enamel, so be sure to rinse your mouth immediately after feeling ill. Toothpaste making you queasy? Try going for a more mild flavor! 
  5. Keep An Eye Out For Changes. Hormonal changes can lead to an array of dental side effects, such as swollen gums and loose teeth. Keep an eye out for any new dental changes and be sure to reach out to your doctor for proper care.
  6. Dental Care For Two. Once your little bundle of joy arrives, it’s the perfect time to get them off on the best dental start. Did you know, teething can begin as early as 3 months of age, with the first tooth erupting around the six month mark? Remember, not all babies are alike, so keep an eye out for the first tooth and be sure to bring your child in for a visit by their first birthday — we can’t wait to meet them!

Remember to keep up with your dental health too, as unfilled cavities can increase the chances of transmitting germs to your baby, especially once they begin teething.

Now that you have the keys to dental success during and after pregnancy, let us help get your child on a path towards a lifetime of healthy smiles! Schedule your little one’s first appointment today!