Treat Your Kids to a Tooth-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a week away — do you have plans to celebrate with your little ones? Here’s how you can treat your kids to a tooth-friendly Valentine‘s Day this year!

Tell your kids they’re floss-some! — How? Easy! The ADA has provided some printable oral health related Valentine’s Day cards for your convenience. Trust us, they’re tooth-cute!

Show some lunchtime love. — Using a stainless steel, heart shaped cookie cutter, you can quickly turn their favorite sandwich into a friendly reminder that you care! You can even use smaller cutters for cheese slices or use a knife to easily cut some strawberries into hearts!

Choose tooth-friendly alternatives. — Another easy way to show your little one how sweet you think they are(without sugar)! Give them a new stuffed animal or coloring book with your Valentine’s Day card this year. You can even find some Valentine’s Day themed clothes or accessories — like this heart printed scarf for girls or this Star Wars themed, “Ewok my world” shirt for boys.

Limit the bad sweets. — Caramels, taffy and other sticky sweets can easily adhere to your kids’ teeth. Help prevent mouth monsters this Valentine’s Day, let your kids have the better of the candy varieties. Dark chocolate for example contains antioxidants that are beneficial to your mouth and teeth. Just remember to have them brush for two minutes after consumption!

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