When Do Children’s Teeth Fall Out?

The moment when your child loses his or her first tooth is an exciting time in their life — and in yours! But when can parents expect their little ones to lose their first, second, third, or 20th baby tooth? We’ve broken down the general time range for you below, so that you know when your child will start to lose each of their baby teeth and grow in healthy, strong adult teeth.

When to Expect Your Child’s Lost Teeth:

6 to 7 Years Old
During this time range, they still start to lose their central incisors. These are also known as their two front teeth! They will also lose their central incisors, or the two front bottom teeth.

7 to 8 Years Old
In this age range, your child will lose their lateral incisors. These teeth are the ones right next to their two front teeth.

9 to 11 Years Old
This is when your child will lose their first molar! These are the teeth in the back of your child’s mouth.

10 to 12 Years Old
Canines, also known as cuspids, are next on the list of lost teeth. As you might guess, canines are the “pointy” teeth right next to to the lateral incisors — the third tooth from the middle. During this age range, they will also lose their second molars.

If you have any questions about your child’s oral health, do not hesitate to contact our office. We are here to help keep tiny teeth beautiful and healthy!