When Will My Baby’s Teeth Start Growing In?

Team Blog Post

Our children’s first anything is always a big deal and we always love to document it. First steps, first laugh, first words: everything is so important and timelines can be found online for all of these things. However, it’s important to know like all firsts, the first tooth is never guaranteed in a specific timeline.

The First Tooth May Appear at 6 Months

Don’t get too excited, six months is just a rough estimate on when the first tooth can appear. However, not all babies are alike and you shouldn’t expect the same results as a friend or family member’s baby. Every baby will begin the teething process on their own terms.

For instance, while some babies may start growing the first tooth at around roughly the 6 month mark, there are some situations in which they may not even come in until after the baby’s first birthday! Typically, it’s before that, but there are a number of factors that can determine when a baby’s first teeth will grow.

Sometimes, the development of the parents plays a factor — when did mommy and daddy start sprouting teeth? Another thing to consider is whether your baby was born prematurely or not. Regardless, it’s best not to worry about that first tooth and just let it happen as it should.

Speaking with a Dentist

If you are truly concerned about your child’s teething timeline, it’s best to speak with a pediatric dentist who can take a look at the gums and determine what may be causing the delay. However, it shouldn’t be much to worry about unless your child is well past the one year mark.
At Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental, we’ll explain everything to you in full detail so you have peace of mind every step of the way.