Wiggling Teeth, Do I need to Worry?

Team Blog Post

For parents, waiting for your child to start sprouting teeth can be an exciting time, especially as you start to see them break through your infant’s gums and begin to fill their mouth. This is why it’s unfortunate, however, to watch the reverse happen after so many years.

As your child gets older, they’ll start to lose their baby tooth. This is a sad realization and you’ll suddenly start to feel your child’s teeth start to wiggle. While many may find some panic in this, there are a few reasons to stay calm.

Baby Teeth Aren’t Permanent

If your child’s tooth is wiggling and it is still their baby teeth, know that this is normal! It’s a part of the process and a wiggling tooth just means it’s almost time for that tooth to go and the adult tooth to come in.

Take a Trip to the Dentist

Many people feel that a wiggling permanent tooth is a sign of a serious problem and requires a lot of dental work. This isn’t necessarily true. Always speak with your dentist to determine the next steps in how to make it better.

Avoid Hard Foods

Until you get to see the dentist, ensure that you are only eating soft foods that won’t cause your tooth to move excessively and eventually force it to fall out. Biting into hard foods can mean that tooth is coming out at that very moment.

If you have any questions about your child’s wiggling tooth, speak with our team at Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dental. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with a plan to help improve your child’s overall oral health. We’re here for you from start to finish. Call today and schedule your appointment with our skilled and friendly pediatric dental team.