Your Tongue: 3 Fast Facts

Team Blog Post

Have you ever looked in the mirror and examined your tongue after brushing your teeth, wondering about its purpose?

Is it just for making food taste delicious or for teasing our siblings with it?

Don’t get all “tongue twisted” trying to figure it out! Find out how your tongue functions and its impact on your overall health, below!

1. It’s Your Health Indicator

The tongue plays a critical role in keeping your mouth healthy and working properly. It can also be an indicator of potential health issues such as a developing infection or reaction to certain medications. The tongue, just like any other part of your body, needs to be maintained so that it can provide the proper health benefits to which it is intended. Without proper care of your tongue,  you may be vulnerable to problems such as  “hairy tongue”  syndrome or oral thrush. While these conditions are treatable, it is always best to care for your tongue to avoid the onset of these and other oral health issues.

2. It Serves as a Built-In Cleaner

The tongue serves as a natural cleaner to your mouth by clearing food particles around your teeth. However, you can’t solely rely on your tongue to do all the dirty work for you! Start scraping your tongue as a part of your oral hygiene habit today! Not only does tongue scraping remove the bacteria that causes bad breath, tooth decay and a host of other oral conditions, it also helps promote saliva production which aids in good digestion. Win-win!

3. It’s How You Taste Your Food

Our tongue is the epicenter of taste that makes us enjoy the foods that we eat. It is also covered in small bumpy tissue called “papillae.”  These bumps are also covered with copious amounts of tastes buds that give us the joyous, and rewarding feeling in tasting our food.  Your taste buds have microscopic hairs which tell your brain if the food you are eating is sweet, sour, bitter, salty or savory.

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