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Our patients say it best…

What an amazing staff. My kids were so calm and so comfortable. Dr Bennet was so knowledgeable and tentative to ours needs. Would highly recommend!RC, Massapequa, NY
What an amazing staff. My kids were so calm and so comfortable. Dr. Bennet was so knowledgeable and tentative to ours needs. Would highly recommend!RC, Massapequa, NY
My daughter had two of her baby teeth removed today with Dr. Jeanine. No tears! Dr. Jeanine was exceptional; very gentile; and completely dedicated to making the experience pain free and not scary for my 7 year-old.RS, Massapequa Park, NY
Wonderful office with excellent doctors and staff!DC, Massapequa Park, NY

Massapequa Park Pediatric Dental Office Services

Preventive and Diagnostic Care

The core of our pediatric dental practice, preventive and diagnostic care includes oral hygiene instruction to help kids take charge of their dental health, biannual exams and cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealants to prevent cavities, and mouth guards to protect teeth from injury.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics at a young age decreases the length of orthodontic treatment during the pre-teen and teenage years. These treatments include habit appliances and space maintenance.

Holistic Dentistry

We understand that many parents have concerns about dental treatment for their children. At our clinic, we use mercury-free amalgam fillings and BPA-free materials. When needed, we also offer latex-free, gluten-free, and dye-free options. Our holistic approach to dentistry acknowledges that dental health is linked to overall physical health.

Aesthetic Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry for children focuses on safely fixing aesthetic issues that may cause self-consciousness. We offer cosmetic bonding treatments for teeth that are chipped or cracked, Icon white spot removal, and mild whitening treatments.

Restorative Dentistry

When a tooth is damaged, we use restorative dental treatments to repair it. These include composite fillings, pulp treatment, and crowns. If a tooth cannot be repaired, we can extract it in our office. Our restorative treatments are performed with advanced dental lasers, a pain-free option that eliminates the need for local anesthesia.

Laser Dentistry

With pediatric laser dentistry, we can treat a cavity without drilling or anesthesia. The result is a stress-free visit for both kids and parents. Lasers can also be used to remove lesions, treat tongue-tie, perform baby root canals, and more.

Pain-Free & Sedation Dentistry

It’s important that your child’s earliest experiences with the dentist are positive. For this reason, we offer laughing gas, local anesthesia, and sedation options to keep our patients calm and comfortable.

Common Questions Before Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Do I need to bring anything to my child’s first visit?

Please print and fill out our new patient form. Bring this along with your dental insurance information and a list of any medical issues or allergies we should be aware of.

What forms of insurance do you accept?

We accept an ever-growing number of insurance plans. To verify if your dental insurance plan covers your child’s treatment, call our Massapequa Park office at 516-798-1111.

Do you treat special needs patients?

We specialize in treating young children with special needs. Our dentists treat all of our patients with compassion and care. We’re happy to discuss your child’s unique needs with you before his or her appointment.